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REDMAX 300 Series

REDMAX 300 Series

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  • Infrared Red LED Light Therapy
  • FDA Class II Medical Device
  • Painless, Easy & Safe Treatments
  • Stimulates Cellular Energy
  • A Natural, Painless, Safe Light Therapy without Side Effects
  • Powerful Red and Infrared LEDs as Clinical Devices
  • Can Be Used on Dogs and Pets with The Same Great Results

Red Light & Near Infrared Light Therapy has been scientifically proven in peer reviewed clinical trials to have anti-aging effects on our skin, help with neurological disease, fight depression and anxiety, increase fat loss, speed recovery from exercise, improve your sleep, increase strength and endurance, combat some autoimmune conditions, fight hair loss, and speed healing from injury, all with little to no side effects.

Our cells play a role in every bodily function. Better cellular health can lead to improvements in our mood, energy, skin health, mental capacity, hormones, workout recovery, sleep and much more.

Infrared therapy uses infrared rays penetrate skin to produce thermal effects on muscles and sub cutaneous tissues to achieve thera,peutic effects. It has the functions of accelerating blood flow, promoting metabolism, increasing muscle relaxation and promoting tissue repair.

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