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Sysbow™ 100% Pure Essential Oils-10ML

Sysbow™ 100% Pure Essential Oils-10ML

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Why Choose PURE AROMA Oils

All Oils are 100% Pure Natural Oils. No Additives, Fillers, Bases or Carriers Added.

1. Rose Oil
Decreases anxiety and stress, Relief from menstrual discomfort

2. Lavennder Oil
Ease nervous tension with its pleasant aroma

3. Ocean Oil
Refreshes the mind, Cleans the air

4. Lemon Oil
Natural Deodorizer & Sleep Aid

5. Green Tea Oil
Moisturizing, Prevent Hair Loss, Promote Softer and Tighter Skin

6. Eucalyptus Oil
Often used for Natural Air Purifier

7. Sweet Orange Oil
Widely used in Kitchen Cleaners & Provides a very Positive and Uplifting Scent

8. Peppermint Oil
Associated with Sinus Care by Relaxing Muscles in your nasal passage. Reduces hunger cravings and natural energizer

9. Sakura Oil
Creates relaxing and elegance atmosphere in classic Japanese style

10. Jasmine Oil
Helps to boost mood and improve sleep. Actively fighting depression

11. Gardenia Oil
Ease Digestion, Improves Memory

12. Forest Bathing Oil
Lowered levels of stress, Improves sleep quality

Package Includes:

  • 1 * 10ML Essential Oil