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alt="Himalayan Bath Salt"
alt="Himalayan Bath Salt"

Himalayan Bath Salt (100g)

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A Truly Soothing & Calming Bath Agent Providing Relaxation To The Mind & Body

With just a pinch of Truly Natural salt, It reduces body ailments effectively. These particles can be absorbed through your skin, providing magnesium, which serves as an essential body function.

Soothe Muscle and Skin. Comforts muscles after workouts, remove impurities, and unwind in the tub.

Provide Magnesium. It is involved in many biochemical reactions that benefits your nervous system and heart.

Promote Sleep and Stress Reduction. Magnesium helps produce melatonin, a kind of hormone that enhances sleep and reduces stress.

Help With Constipation. Promote bowel movement because it draws water to your colon, which is helpful for your body.

Exercise Performance and Recovery. Reduces muscle soreness and be relieved of cramps—an essential aspect of exercising performance and recovery.

Relieve Pain and Swelling. It lowers the chances of swelling and pain.

Multi-purpose. You can create your own DIY body scrubs, bath bombs and more! White bath salt is fragrance-free which makes it easy to customize.